Tree Crown Reduction

Kookaburra Crown Reduction Tree Services

Our Crown Reduction Services

We provide tree crown redcution services for commercial clients across the UK and domestic clients in the North East

Selective removal of live branches to decrease the height or spread of a tree’s crown or rebalance a misshaped tree. A drop-crotch pruning technique is employed to remove the end of the branch by cutting them back to a lateral branch.

Crown reduction is necessary to reduce the weight of potentially dangerous branches or when a tree's roots are showing signs of decay.

Crown reduction is also used when a tree might soon interfere with overhead power lines, encroach on property or when it is in a public space where there is a chance of danger to the public.

Other related procedures for reducing the size of trees are Crown Thinning & Crown Lifting

For tree felling and removal see our Tree Felling page.


If you think a tree might be dangerous please contact us to carry out an assessment. A tree on your property is your responsibility.
Crown reduction reduces the height and width of the tree whilst maintaining its shape. Crown thinning thins out the branches of the tree to allow more light and air to pass through the tree but does not dramatically reduce height or width.
This is an order made by the borough council to protect significant trees, which may be under threat. The order makes it an offence to cut down, top, lop, uproot, wilfully damage, or destroy a tree without the Council's permission.

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