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Our Tree Felling Services

We provide tree felling services for commercial clients across the UK and domestic clients in the North East

Precision Felling

A tree is most usually felled because it is dead, dying from a disease and or has outgrown its situation, with its roots damaging surrounding structures.

If the tree is in a clear space and is weighted in the appropriate direction, it can be felled rather than dismantled .We use safe directional felling techniques which will allow the tree to fall in a predetermined direction.

Soft Felling

Removing the top branches first and working down the tree removing it in sections. Soft Felling is used when felling tree in confined spaces, next to building or other infrastructure.

For general tree maintenance and tree surgery see our Tree Maintenance page.


If a tree was close to a house or other infrastructure we use use the 'soft felling' method where we fell the tree branch by branch starting at the top.
You may need to contact your local council planning department before felling a tree on your property.
This is an order made by the borough council to protect significant trees, which may be under threat. The order makes it an offence to cut down, top, lop, uproot, wilfully damage, or destroy a tree without the Council's permission.

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