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Stump Removal

To effectively remove a tree stump the entire stump and root ball of the tree needs to be removed, this is considerably more difficult than stump grinding. Removing the root ball is challenging and time consuming as it expands considerably with tree growth. You will often be left with a large hole where the root ball was, for large trees the root ball may have to lifted away with a crane.

Stump Grinding

First the tree is cut down to just below ground level. Or you may have an existing stump that needs grinding. With the help of an industrial grinder the tree stump is ground into small pieces which can be used as mulch or ground cover. Once the stump is grounded down (to a few inches below the earth) it is covered in soil, this help it decompose along with the roots. Stump grinding avoids digging a big hole but there is a small risk that the stump will grow back.

Eco Plugs

It is not always practical to remove a stump because of its location, foundations and or buried surfaces, for example if it may disturb gas/electrical/water cables then eco plugs are used. Eco plugs are an environmentally friendly way of killing a stump and the root system. The eco plugs are inserted into a tree or stump to kill it and prevent re-growth.

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It depends on what you plan to do on the area where the stump was, your budget and how large the tree stump and root ball is. Give us a call for some free advice.
We usualy grind down approx 6 inches below ground level and then cover the ground stump with soil to help it decompose.
A stump and root system can take up to 8 years to decompose enough for it to be broken up and removed, Splitting it with an axe can speed up the process.

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